Ayung River Ubud

Ayung River, Ubud

The Ayung River located at western edge of Ubud and eastern side of Badung regency, Ayung river is the widest and longest river in Bali, stretching 75 kilometres from the northern mountains Bali to Sanur area southern Bali.

Ayung River as a center of Bali rafting tour considered as the best white water rafting in Bali. Due to the white water river in Ubud very suitable for beginners and very appropriate for family activities.

According the International scale for river difficulty, Ayung river classified as class II and III in the dry the season, means that the Ayung has some rough water, some rocks, but poses no considerable danger. Almost no skill level of rafting needed to enjoy this adventure, beacuse you will accompany by local rafting guide. In the rainy season, however, when the water-level rises, the Ayung is classified as class IV, having medium large waves and needing better skills to maneuver the sharp bends when needed.

The thrill of Ubud rafting offers a 10 kilometers route that will need 1,5 – 2 hours to discover. But those hours are going to fly so fast since you will forget the time as you are having a great time in the adventure. Beautiful natural jungle, wild bird chirping on the lush, monkey and squirel harvesting fruit, wonderful waterfall and charming local guide thats all Ayung river rafting has to offers. Here are the top reasons why you must try this white water rafting adventure, get on the raft and start paddling! get wet and fun.

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